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Ranch roots. Urban wings. 

I was grateful to have grown up on my family's fourth generation working cattle ranch in beautiful Sierra Valley, CA. Being surrounded by a tight knit family and rural agricultural community, I experienced first hand the importance of loving and caring for one another and honest hard work. Values that I still cherish today. 

For the past 14 years my urban wings have taken me to diverse urban communities all across the United States. My love for people from all walks of life coupled with the undeniable energy and vibrancy present in our urban communities has inspired me to be innovative and embrace different perspectives.   

Travel is transformative. I have been blessed to have traveled to over 20 countries and counting. The people, stories, and cultures I have interacted with all over the globe have left a profound mark on my life. Some of my most special life moments have occurred while traveling. 


I started Right Hand because I'm passionate and driven to help you have travel experiences that will profoundly impact your life. My hope is that you will return with unforgettable travel stories and moments that you will talk about and share with others for the rest of your life. 

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to share, not stuff to show. 

        - Angelo Genasci, @therthandman

         Founder, Right Hand


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