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So What Do You Do For Work?

An innocuous and all too common question we are usually asked upon meeting someone that is meant to spark conversation, but let's IMAGINE for a moment other questions that may be better suited to build rapport and genuine understanding of each other.

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IMAGINE for a moment that instead of fielding the ever too common question of "So what do you do for work?" when meeting someone for the first time that instead you were asked, "what are you passionate about?" or "what are some of your most memorable moments or experiences?" Or even better yet, if you want to really see a passionate spark go off in someone’s eyes, ask them about their most memorable travel moments or experiences. Too often our conversations are relegated to quasi job interviews, sizing each other up based upon our fancy job titles, or phony attempts to befriend a person in order to use their influence to further our own interests.

Did That Just Happen?!

I'll never forget when I lived in Washington DC and worked on Capitol Hill, I met a gentlemen at a social event for Capitol Hill staffers who shook my hand with his right hand and simultaneously gave me his business card with his left hand. Dumbfounded with his forwardness, I reached into my suit jacket and reluctantly gave him my business card. Within seconds he stared at my business card and I immediately knew once we started talking the that he was more concerned with my job title or status and how it could benefit him, rather than actually trying to build rapport and better understand each other. I frequently chuckle when I reflect on that interaction.

A New Type of Job Title

"Let’s stop defining ourselves and judging each other by our fancy job titles." - #therthandman

I propose a new type of business card. Let’s stop defining ourselves and judging each other by our fancy job titles. I know you are so much more than your business card or official job duties. What inspires me more than anything is when people from all walks of life share with me their unique passions and memorable life moments or travel experiences. What do you find yourself yearning to learn more about? Share it with me and others.

Since launching Right Hand I’ve inevitably been asked the question “So what do you do for work?” In the past I would have just responded with my job title and company that I work for. Now I simply say -

"I curate travel experiences that connect people to places and each other." - #therthandman

A New Type of Free Travel Consultation

A free travel consultation with me isn’t going to be your standard boring first-time consultation. Rather, chatting with you over the phone or FaceTime will give me the opportunity to learn more about what makes you tick. Count on at least of the questions to be asked during your free travel consultation to be “What are you passionate about? Or “tell me about a memorable travel moment or experience you’ve had." Learning more about your passions and interests allows me to curate travel experiences that are truly memorable and uniquely aligned with you.

I have been blessed with a gift of understanding people. I’m passionate and driven to share my gift to help you have unforgettable travel experiences that will profoundly impact your life. My hope is that you will return with travel stories and moments that you will talk about and share with others for the rest of your life.

Look forward to connecting soon!

At your service,

Angelo Genasci, @therthandman

Founder, Right Hand

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